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Finally. the Final Page. Are u fine with the finale, or have you finally given up reading all the funny fummings by the flabby and fishy fool?

Fool of a took ! oops.....tats lotr...



Hiko doing the legendary POLE DANCE !!! XDdance come on dance!!!



Joash!!! I made that costume!! wheee~




Finally , a full length view of us XD. Same pose againXD *slashes bao shin* =p




the imagination of hiko and kenshin.......but this time battousai became the poor subject."y is that cloakon me?! " *sweats ultra big sweatdrop*



The best full length pics I've got!!. And yunaS!!! I love the ffx2 yuna!! she carried yuna off so well ^^. She just has the body and loooooks. Refreshing and youthful, not the least bit hentai at all !!. And the yuna(1) is just pretty~ heard she made the costume herself too. Like ME! XD


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