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Hi and welcome. Right here , I contribute my share of memory from the wonderful MAC Cosplay 2002 held this 21st of december!

All pictures are © to Kaika. Email me if you don't like your picture to be here , then i'll take em down ^_^.

Sorry, but the pics are more RK based. Since that is MY group. I don't think much people would complain since i dun see much rk photos online ^_^



awww~ Noshuu as the kawaii dejiko . And the weird battousai with a twisted face (its deliberate =p )


Battousai from Rk with Ken from Weibz. Don;t drool girls XD.I said don't drool!!! OMG XD


My little brother shuui as Michael from Angel Sanctuary. I think both of us look okay. @@;


THE FAMILY!!!!! YEAH! Himiko mui as Nyozeka from Alice 19th, Earthlesea mui as kororo from HunterxHunter, Shuui di as Michael from AS and me the eldest son as Battousai from RK xD


The convicts. Front view XD. Ranging not in height but in seniority=____=