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Himura Battousai

Character Profile
Name: Himura Kenshin
Nick:Hitokiri Battousai
Age : 15
Height: 158(?)
Weight (?)





The young Kenshin ^_^. The important past of kenshin and erm...kenshin himself XD. He became an assasin at the mere age of 15 .Absolutely cool and sugoii . What else can i say about him? XD



Costume Information
1st Worn : MAC Cosplay 2002
Date: 21st Dec 2002
Location:Suntec event Hall
Total cost: $12.80(hakama)+
Props :Katana
          (Kindly borrowed from our dearest
           Lampie, We will all remember...)

Event Photo and Journal


Costume Information

Thanks to yuanie for teaching me online ,the method of making a hakama (just a side note, it was maria who taught her ,goes in circles eh?XD) . The hakama was a killer . All the pleats.... ~_~ drawing and planning out the amount of space for each pleats itself was enough to give me headachesT_T. The gi was pretty ok, except that i made the sleeves too long, or rather...the shoulder was made too broad.But that was because I wanted a baggy effect ^^;.

Special thanks to Lampie/lionel who kindly lent me his display Katana. It wouldn't have been half as gd a costume without this prop. Thank you lampie, I will always remember you..