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Himura Battousai
Himura Battousai
Photoshoot outing 2002

Blehz... I took these photographs sooooo long ago. Took them last year , a week after MAC cosplay ^^u. Well...thats about 4+ months ^^u.(from the datye I actually uploaded these pics)

This time , I was generously invited by Yuanie and murasaki and xuan(ok...i forgot who was the one who invited me -.-u) to join their private photoshoot outing . Yeap , the location is beautiful isn't it ? Fits Battousai well ^_^

One thing i realised is...I'm a sucky Battousai=_=u. I know i claimed to be the best battousai cosplayer ever in my last page. But now i realised that I sux =-=u. I sux at poses....I have no martial arts background , and i didn't do my homework well! . I spent too much time rushing the costume and forgot about practicising the poses >.< !!! Damn!

Anyway , the photoshoot outign was pretty fun. But all i remember now, was the tiredness. Well...given singapore's weather... we were practically BAKED . Ok ,i'm being dramatic. But i really felt hot and tired then. =_=u

Lastly I'll have to thanks Yuanie ,Xuan and murasaki for inviting me and helping me take photographs with their camera *Hugs all* ^-^ .Oh! , not forgetting our photographer Rikki. *bows*





Himure Battousai




I'm so tired of making thumbnails that i've decided to abandon them =p

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