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Himura Battousai
Himura Battousai
MAC 2002

My 8th costume ^_^.

YES! I FINALLY cosplayed battousai ! After a year of enticipation!!! ^_^/. I'm so proud of myself! I made everything ! XD I'm glad i turned out to be a successful battousai ! Hehe ~ I dare say that I'm the best battousai cosplayer I've ever seen XD.Ok ok I'm shameless *gets stoned by surfers*

Mac cosplay 2002 was great ^_^. Especially since i got myself a group and many more friends this time now. Rk team seemed to be a common thing in mac cosplay history, BUT what is different about OUR team this time round is that we totally DO NOT have a female character in our group XD. Yup~ the only 3 females cosplayer all cross dressed!. That's so cool!.I was basically the main coodinator of our group. Hehe, many of our group members never met each other before mac cosplay, but I'm very very proud that everyone got along well ^_^. YEAH!! I just feel very guilty for holding everyone back. Hence lessening their chance to interact with other cosplayers T_T. We were making our sign board you see ~_~.Gomenasai minna !! *bows*




Himure Battousai





None of the photos here belongs to me.They were either taken by friends or taken off from some online webby. I forgot where i took them from =_=; email me for credits pls.To see photos taken by me ,go here .