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Character Profile
Name: Elpheal
Age : 18 elf years
Height: 158(?)





Original character. An Elf Princess. Silent, reserved and calm.The type that can stay calm even at the most sticky/panical situations .Loves the many little things in life. Able to communicate with the trees, can sing along with the wind, and dance with the leaves.Is merciful but wields a deadly bow .Okay, I'm bullshitting, I am nothing like her =_=.



Costume Information
Worn for: The 2nd Original Costume
                Photoshoot outing
Date: 20th June 2002
Location:Sg Botanical Garden
Total cost: ard
Props :bow($0.0) arrow($3.80)

Event Photo and Journal


Costume Information

I converted a simple white long sleeved top by tightening it and adding some laces onto it.The grey skirt was done with 4m of cloth.Yup, 4 LONG meter! I didn't even cut any part of it ^_^ .I was too lazy and unskilled to try cutting hence...i cracked my brains to think of a better method.

HAHAH, so, after some testing and trialing in front of the mirror, I finally came up wif a way to make the costumes.And I didn't seek any help from my parents ^_^.Way to go !! Independence!!