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Original Costume Photoshoot 2, 2002

My 4th costume ^_^.

Worn for the 2nd OCP(Original Costume Photoshoot outing) that himiko and me organized . Also in celebration of my birthday which was the day before ^^;; . Many more great folks turned up this time round but the amount of people cosplaying decreased ^^;;.

I hereby say a big THANK YOU!! to ,Joash who was unfortunately (for him) ,my personal photographer that day(arigato ne!!), my mui (himiko), my fairy(esperne), my knight(kurama) , my pet (shuui XD) , my prince(makoto) who wasn't able to make it (thanks for the pressie ^_^), my guardian(yuanie and liz)and to Omegazero who made the wonderful bow for me(i really appreciate it) .

Another big Thank you to EVERYONE who went. Thank you everyone ,for all your presents ^_^. I really appreciate all of them . Every one of them ^_^ ! . Everyone of you helped me weaved a very beautiful birthday celebration memory that will last me for my entire lifetime .






Joash's such a gd photographer! And the tree is so the fairy and the elf ^_^ i look like sadako=-=females! i pray.........i killed the assasin

If you see your photos here and it freaks you out. Email me and I'll take them down ^_^. Photo credits joash and fairy XD)