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Character Profile
Name: Bridget
From: Guilty Gear XX(Game)
Age : 15
Height: (?)
Weight (?)





The new character from the Guilty Gear X series. Iintroduced in Guilty Gear XX. Despite the cutey appearance and feminine gesture of Bridget..... Bridget is in actual fact... A GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD . HAHAHahahahaXD

He was one of 2 boys twins to be born in his village. And in that village, runs a cruel supersition; that if 2 twin brothers were to be born , they would bring misfortune to the village. Hence, one of the brothers are usually killed soon after they were born. In order to save bridget's life, his parents brought him up as a girl. Bridget's decision to join the Bounty Hunting to to prove the suersition wrong.



Costume Information
1st Worn : Game shop Opening 2004
Date: 14th March 2004
Location: People's Park Complex
Total cost: $0
Props :Old Teddy Bear ^_^

Event Photo and Journal


Costume Information

Kindly lended to me by Peggy^^;. Thankies dear~~*hugs*

Teddy Bear property of my own XD