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Hanabishi Recca

Character Profile
Name: Hanabishi Recca
Age: 16
Power: to summon eight flame dragons from his hand;fairly accomplished martial arts; skill with various shinobi weapons
Background: Born 400 years ago to the Flame Master of the Hokage Ninjas, Ohka and his second wife, Kagerou. Was sent by Time Manipulation into present-time. Lives with single adoptive father, Hanabishi, a maker of fireworks








Personality: Recca is obsessed with ninjas, and is a good one himself. He's caring, but very reckless and often a little bit too cocky. He protects his hime Sakoshita Yanagi with all his might and would never desert his friends. He is usually dependable, though not always punctual. Recca is confident and positive, with a sense of humor to boot.



Costume Information
Worn for: Digi Cam promotion
Total cost: $2.00(cloth)+$9(turtleneck)

Event Photo and Journal


Costume Information

I did everything myself !!! . Nope. I had absolutely no advice/help from my parents =3. But I guess I sorta learnt alot from viewing other people's clothes and a little tips here and there from my parents when we were discussing how to go about doign my previous costume ^-^

Well, I used 1yard of blue cloth to make the outer layer of watever u call it . Too little cloth ..hence I had to skip the sleeves @@; . Will take note in the future ^^; .For the inner neting , I simply cut armholes and neckholes from an old washing bag i found at home (of course I replace its presence wif a bigger washing bag for mummy XD) . I was lucky that the size of the washing bag was more or less a typical clothing size for me. I bought a turtleneck from THIS FASHION for $9 the day before. *Phew* , I consider myself really lucky to have found it in time ^_^. The black pants was just a random black pant from mummy's closet , and so was the black gongfu shoes!! (I wonder why mum has them -.-;)

I made the handguard out of vanguard sheet,aluminium and paint ^_^. Did it like the night before if i'm not wrong @@;;;