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Recca Hanabishi
Flyer Promo 2002

My 6th costume ^_^.

I am happy =3 . My 4th anime/manga costume ^_^. Made everythign myself and darn proud of it =)

That was the 1st time I cosplayed as a guy and the feeling was just indescribable XD. Well acting like a guy was fun (when cosplaying). You can be rough, act rough ,pose rough XD.

Special Thanks to yuanie and jason ^^. Thank you yuanie for helping me take all these wonderful pictures *steals her digi cam away XD* . And thank you jason for giving me advice on how to make the handguard XD



Recca hanabishi



If you see your photos here and it freaks you out. Email me and I'll take them down ^_^. Photo credits Yuanie ).^)