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!Millia Rage

Character Profile
Height: 5'7
Weight: 106 lbs.
Blood type: B
Eye color: Blue
Birthday: Unknown (Millia is an orphan)
Birthplace: Village of the assassins (Russia)
Hobbies: Playing with cats
Likes: Virtue
Dislikes: Zato, losing haie}





A cold, reticent woman, nothing ever appears to interest her. Indifferent towards her feminine side, perhaps because of her assassin upbringing. Sees everything in terms of black or white, and rarely makes a wrong decision. Although her mind is like a machine, there is still a little human left in her, and she is tormented inside by the recluse she has become.




Costume Information
Worn for: Fans-ta-sia 2003
27th December 2003
Singapore Expol
Total cost:
Props :

Event Photo and Journal


Costume Information

About the costume...I spent ALOT of effort and braincells trying to figure out a way to overcome the 'miniskirtyness' of it. It'll have to be short, but at thes same time I wanted it to be secure and convenient to wear I dun quite fancy my tights showing .when I raise my hands or something=_=.

I'm proud to declare that I have succeeded XD. The actual patterning and cutting of the fabric was done by my dad *hugs*. I was just TOO busy at that moment to waste anymore time on figuring out the patterns. School attachment took my day time away and I spent the first few nights before the Event making another friend's costumeX_x; So yeah, its daddy to the rescue XD. But I was the one who designed, sketched, shopped for the buckles, bought the cloth and sewed everything togethe:D

The wig suck to the core...It kept slipping because it was too heavy T^T. I want a new wig....

The shoes were a miracle.! Cheap ,just the right design and just of the right heels height(still gave me blisters thought)!!!!