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Millia Rage
Yukishiroi Tomoe
Fans-tas-sia 2003 and Private Photoshoot

Fanstasia 2003

My 3rd game costume ^_^. 2nd done by me XD

I FINALLY cosplayed Millia !!! I so so so love her ! She's my favourite from Guilty Gear X, also the first characetr I used !! She's just so very much the cool couldn't care less + kick arse female character I ADORE! Damn I love cool females in AGM XD

I didn't have much chance to enjoy cosplaying as her because my wig(which was made frm extensions) kept slipping on that day. Not to mention I was the emcee of that event, ended up not having much time to enjoy myself.......but well I love millia XD

Private Photoshoot

Phew! Cosplaying under the hot sun in singapore's humid weather can so killX_x. But overally it was a reallyx3 fun day XD Very tiring day though, because I changed 2 costumes in 1 day. And all the climbing in costume is *phew X_X;. I love joash's photos XD, pity the subject just doesnt look good=_=. Damn I hate that wig. I'm gonna get a real wig soon. More improvements to be done on the costume ! I S.H.A.L.L be Millia AGAIN ! MUAHAHAAHA

I'm glad my 'pose practises' proved to be useful XD.And wow, GGX cosplay is addictive *_* Banzai GGX!


Millia Rage from guilty Geaz Xx




Fanstasia 2003

picture courtesy of morimoripicture courtesy of morimori

picture courtesy of morimoripicture courtesy of morimori

Photoshoot Outing

I like everyone's smile here. We all look so natural. Joash really managed to capture our smiles ^_^Hahahha We all looks terribly idiotic. Posed of course XDCooler poses ;D
Darn! I shouldn't have made my eyes so small here=_=Stupid wig's slipping backwards! But I really like how Joash managed to capture the feel and the framing of the photoI'm fat>.<
V.i.c.t.o.r.y! XD



Photos © to Kaika. Courtesy of Zephus, Nevar and Morimori Joash^_^