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Yukishiroi Tomoe
Yukishiroi Tomoe

My 1st costume ^_^.

MAC cosplay 2001 ,the first time i attended a cosplay event, also was my first time to be a cosplayer ^_^. I wanted something that was suitable for me and could be done without too much trouble since i was pressing for time .My initial idea was to be kenshin, but given he's signature red head ...i gave up the idea~_~ .

I finally settled on Tomoe instead ^_^. She looks really silent and cold , a very near resemblance to the real life me . And her costume seemed pretty easy to me, so after some researching on the net voila! i settled on tomoe and begun to discuss the yukata making with my dad ^_^.

Himiko-chan helped ( thanks! HUGS ) alot here by tying my obi and helping me to tie the white ribbon behind my hair ^_^.

Even though i was just a simple costume that I worn. But being in the midst of these happening really made me felt wonderful.And the fascinating feeling when someone glomps u because you look so much like the character you were cosplaying really really rocks! XD (she's probably the ONLY character that I didn't thrash T_T )



Yukishiroi Tomoe





I forgot where i took these photos from =_=; email me for credits pls.To see photos taken by me ,go here .