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Honda Tohru
Honda Tohru

SANKYUU GREENIE~~~~~~~*Hugz* . Thank you yuanie, for lending me your kawaii Tohru Costume T_T.I'm so touched!!

Yuanie organised this photoshoot outing specially to let some University students film us. Yeah...Its another school project again. @@;;, seems like Cosplay IS getting more and more attention ne?.Have a very mixed feeling about this whole propaganda thingy@@;; Oh well, its just me.....

We took pictures in CHJIMES the whole afternoon.Then were interviewed and flimed by the student(there were 4 of them i think ^^;) . Had fun XD

I had a great chance as a photographer this time round. I helped Mana took her pictures =D.*Happy*. Didn't really intend to take much pictures but fortunately Yuanie helped me took them with her Digital Camera XD> Love yuanie~ Lover your cam*Steal digi cam away frm yuan XD*




Tohru from Fruits Basket





If you see your photos here and it freaks you out. Email me and I'll take them down ^_^. Photo credits Esperne and yuanie ^.^)