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Kinomoto Sakura

FCC Photo Xchange Session

2nd time I worn the costume ^_^

Fengshan Community Center's photo Xchange . Went on tv too @@;;. The shooting took almost the whole day, well...its an experience @@;.

Took quite a few photos and met kurama and keiko personally on that day!! ^________^ *Hugz kurarararaa and keikei*

MAC Kouhaku 2002

3rd time I worn the costume ^_^

I made the cap and boots myself for the march cosplay. But I remade the very unstable boots again with daddy's help in sewing them for MAC Kouhaku 2002. I was performing the song "tobira wo akete "with Yuanie who went as Syaoran ^_^.

MAC(Miyuki Animation Club) held their first local, red-white anime song battle this 13 july 2002. It was a really fun event . Although many things happened during which ,this still remains as a wonderful memory in my heart. I was trying hard to juggle school with preparations for this event. Like the practising of dance steps with Yuanie, memorising of lyrics (okok i have lousy brains. so ? sue me =p) and costumes preparations ^_^;.

I sang quite a number of songs that day XD. I sang Suteki da ne (ffx) with Yuanie who cosplayed as yuna and danced during the intervalz XD. I love her dance~~~ . I also sang Tobira wo akete (ccs) with her too. That explains the sakura costume XD.A big hug to yuanie who made her syaoran costume to go along with mine ^_^.





FCC Photos Exchange
I like  everything about this picture except that i hate my hair XDmeiling!!!!!!1

MAC Kouhaku 2002

yuanie as syaoran!!=3 my make up looks flawless here XD. Argh.....i'm fat @@


Photos with Yume Wa's logo belongs to me,if you see your photos here and it freaks you out. Email me and I'll take them down ^_^. Photo credits to himiko