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Kinomoto Sakura
Heerens 2002

My second costume ^_^.

I wanted a different costume from tomoe .Sakura came into my mind (for some unknown reasons@@ ) and i spent alot of time selecting a costume .Hahaha, yes, she has ALOT. I needed one with a cap to conceal my long hair , and this was the selected one XD.I made this costume before I watched the movie hence...i left out the white wings on her back @_@, and my costume isn't swallow tailed like her's.

Here's the list. I woke up at 8 plus, wash up,gathered my stuffs, changed and went out of the house to meet Jialin( weiqin came along too ,i was very suprised o_o;;) . Then we sat mrt all the way to jurong , to himiko's house .There we did our changing, make ups and blah3. We reached there at around 10 plus I think ....but we took too long to get ready and so we reached Heerens pretty late =-=;. ( I suppose I was the one who took the longest time T_T)

A pity that I was still very much a newbie when I was cosplaying Sakura, hence I didn't really get to mingle around with much of the other cosplayers. Not to mention the fact that Heeren shopping center is a very confusing place with its hidden alley and such =-=.So, most of my memories of that day were phototaking, phototaking, phototaking and erm...phototaking =_=;;. A pity

And oh yeah, i nearly forgot to mention my adventure of seeking for my lost mobile phone =-=;. It accidentally got swapped with the Spirited away cosplayers( hehe yumin and her gang XD) half of the time i was worrying and looking around for them. I got them back ultimately ,thank goodness XD.

so all in all, it was a fun,tiring,trouble filled day. (I dropped one of my gold button even before I reached heeren =-=,and yeah dropped my gold wings too,then theres the phone accident XD)






Photos with Yume Wa's logo belongs to me,if you see your photos here and it freaks you out. Email me and I'll take them down ^_^. Photo credits to himiko