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Kinomoto Sakura
Cosfest 2002

4th time I worn the costume =_=;;

I think I'll try to stay away from this costume for sometime ^_^;;.

Hahaha, worn for this year's Cosfest held by NTUC and SCC ^_^. Shuui didi came as syaoran!!!. She's so kawaiii as syaoran~~. And i'm proud to claim that I was the one who suggested her to cosplay as syaoran and to come as a pair with me ^_^ . A BIG THANK YOU to yuanie for lending shuui her costume. Thanks alottttttt ne~ greenie!!

Daddy made Himiko her meiling's costume . I love you daddy!!! . I'm ashame to say even thought that meiling costume was supposed to be my birthday present to her, but i did very little things. I only help sewed some of the buttons =_=;;.

It was a pretty big event , with a very big space in that dome tent ^_^;. The CCS team won the best group competiton!!! Yeah!!!. And how suprised we were .We didn't thought we could win because the other teams (like inu yasha and alichino teams) were way better than us in term of group members and weapons XD. The judges said that its was due to our interesting introduction on stage that won us the best !! . And to think that we were almost clueless about what to say when we were in the backstage with limited time to think . Everyone in our Ccs team(shuui , lizzie, himiko, tessie, me) were very cooperative . We all helped to think of ideas and i'm glad to say nobody had any obvious stage fright!.





Photos with Yume Wa's logo belongs to me,if you see your photos here and it freaks you out. Email me and I'll take them down ^_^. Photo credits to himiko,yuanie and derek^^)