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Rinoa Heartilly
Sentosa Outing 2002

My first game costume ^^u.

I don't really have much to talk about this costume because it's borrowed. I have to admit that i don't make a good rinoa though-_-;;. Perhaps its the brown hair...

Well t was a fun day ^_^ , not including the humidity and trouble of my costume XD.The scenery was nice and its fun being with a big bunch of cosplayers, they are always so fun to be with =) .The whole bunch of us met a few japanese student there and naturally they asked for photos and all.Kinda amusing feeling, Japanese asking to take pictures with us while we are being involved in this hobby that originated from their country.Amusement in a way XD

Sentosa has very nice sea view.They appeared in some of the photos.So beautiful and clear .................*dreamy*





The photos here were either taken by friends or taken off from some online webby. I forgot where i took them from =_=; email me for credits pls.Special thanks to yuanie for helping take my photos