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Cosfest 2003

My 2nd game costume ^^u.

But the first made by me =)

Cosfest was really fun this year.It was a bigger success than last year. Probably due to the change of date,( this year's cosfest was held in the last week of school holidays) the turnout was much larger than the previous year^-^. The crowd made the whole Tent feels so much more 'hyped' up unlike last year =3

Our GGXX Team was a big success...unexpectedly XD!! . I like all the costumes of our group member, except mine -_-;. I think mine is the least elaborate one...but then again i do have a very attention grabbing weaon though =x. Good work on the costumes GGXX members!!!

I can still remember the day before cosfest.Some of us were gathering at Sol's house. Trying to think of a simple skit or intro. Hahaha...we left his hse without a conclusionXD. After that I went home and continue rushing my costume...the shoes were so troublesome -_-...I didn't finished till ard 5 or 6am.Alot of things happened to our team that day.Yuanie forgot to bring the tights i borrowed frm her for my May costume. But fortunately for me,I was able to purchase one in the nearby stores.Rinka(millia)'s shoes broke backstage while we were waiting to go on stage. Poor her had to abandon the heels. Even more unfortunate was yuanie(Dizzy).Who's heels broke ON STAGE!!! Poor her had a fellX_X . And 2 of our member (Baiken and Chipp) was late because they were helping another friend with her costume. They were actually intenting not to join our group in the compeition . But luck or rather ,the ties of friendship bounded them backXD. If andy hadn't told them that we were going to forfeit ourselve because they are not joining us, they wouldn't have rushed down XD. CHEERIOS TO THE GGX TEAM!!! XD

Oh ! another side note, the GGXX Team swept the entire eventXD!!! . We walked away with the best Team, best Female and best Male awards!!! BANZAI!!!!!



May from Guitly Gear X



Picture taken from various webpage.Sorry I forgot where I rip them off X_X .If you think so of the pics here belong to you and you want to be credited then pls email me.