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Kamiya Kaoru
Yukishiroi Tomoe
Youthip!a 2002

My 5th costume ^_^.

A really lousy attempt to be kaoru XD . I've always prefered tomoe but since my hair looks like her so much now, i reckoned I'd try and be her for once ^_^;;

OMG.I'm the queen of borrowers this time round XD. I borrowed the yukata,the obi, the hair extension and the shinai XD. I'm so happy that I am someone who has great friends to borrow stuffs from ^_^. Thank you himi, Nereid and derek!! Thanks guys!

Well, since I borrowed almost everything, there wasn't anything extra that I need to buy (even though my yukata and obi and bow was wrong in colour and design @_@;;) The pink bow was made the night before with some leftover fabrics from my sakura costume.The clogs were tomoe's clogs.

This was the most shaggering cosplay I''ve ever been to. We were practically ovened under the sun in the open and wearing like 2 layers of clothing @_@.And tying your hair up high with a heavy extension really gives headache after prolong tying .I couldn't wait to take them off as soon as I finished performing for Fengshan's duno wad event. Yeah...Andy forced me to sing suteki da ne again =x . But this time with a yukata instead because i'm too lazy to change...not that i should care anyway XD

Oh yeah, sorry nereid. For making you run back home for the hair extension. It wasn't really that necessary T_T gomene~


Kamiya Kaoru




me ........sakana as a ToE character!!! Sexy lehz~I look idiotic=-= Kaoru with a passer by who will be her Hiko in dec XD *slashes shifu*Jason as kyou XDi look like a bitch T_T lampost the hentai is fixed!!!!!! XD Attack of the kaoru!!!!!!!! XD Muahahahha

If you see your photos here and it freaks you out. Email me and I'll take them down ^_^. Photo credits sakana, jason, shuui didi and himuro)