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Kamiya Kaoru

Character Profile
Name: Kamiya Kaoru
Age : 17(18 later)
Height: (?)






Kaoru's a bright (if somewhat rash) young woman, 17 years old .She runs a dojo of her own, that was apparently thriving plentygood before the fake Battousai set about defaming her.Unlike other anime women, she's not helpless. She's smart, tough, and very very clothed. She also seems very much like a real person. Her reactions to things make sense. Her personality makes sense.She seems like someone I could know, although most people just aren't that nice. But the niceness is accompanied by a fierce temper and a refusal to take any crap from the guys surrounding her. She's sweet and accepting, but she can't help wanting to know about Kenshin's past, even though it doesn't matter.



Costume Information
Worn for: Youthopia Xclaim 2002
17th august 2002
Sg Youth Council
Total cost:
Props :

Event Photo and Journal


Costume Information

A BIG THANK YOU to himiko for lending me her Yukata ^^;; Yeap, the blue yukata is her's ^_^. *hugs himi*

AND, special thanks to Mana who lent me her hair xtension and Derek who lent me his bamboo sword . As you can see....I borrowed everything except for my clogs(tomoe's clog) ,socks and ribbon -.-u

*HUGs all 3 of em. Thanks alot ne~*