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Daidouji Tomoyo

Character Profile
Name: Daidouji Tomoyo
Age : 10





A gentle and intelligent little girl. She is kind ,talented at singing and is borned with a golden spoon. She's also good at making costumes, yup she was sakura's official costume maker XD. Her interest in life seems to be sakura, XD for she loes filming sakura with her video camera XD.



Costume Information
Worn for: Digi Cam promo
Date: 22th Nov 2002
Fabric cost:$0.(Skirt),$2.50(Red ribbon)
                   ,$1.50(hat,collar and cuffs)
Props: Diary($0.00)

Event Photo and Journal


Photo Credits to Shuui



Costume Information

Erm ,yeah only 2 pathetic photos XD. My first school uniform costume ^_^.Seems like sch U is a must have costume for cosplay addicts XD

I am very proud of this costume. In a way XD. Because I made this entire costume myself!! Yesh!

The skirt was made from some left over cloth ,hence explains the not so closely ironed together pleats T_T. The turtleneck top was from recca's ninja costume XD. I simply made the collar(double layered, one side lining XD), tie and voila!. The bad point is that the collar tend to slip, because its not attached to the turtleneck.I would alter it in the future.=_='

I had a rather hard time figuring out the pattern for the collar >_<, cutted quite a few newspaper pattern. I used red ribbons for the edges instead of biase.Dun ask why. =___=;

The curfs were pinned on....yes I would alter them next time....................¬.¬

Then comes the cap ! Boy am I really am proud of them. Thanks to yuanie for teaching me her simple method of making those caps.But me myself used doubles layers of cloth; reason being the cloth quality i used was lousy satin and I wanted a more solid looking cap. I flipped the cloth over to the non shiny side so as to create the non satin illusionXD. I was running out of time and didn't want to run all the way down to People's park for fabric. Hence I settled with my neighbourhood curtain shopXD. I'm really lucky that they sell this, at a cheap price of $1.50/yard too ^o^. Lousy quality though...becomes 'furry' easily=_=