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Yukishiroi Tomoe

Character Profile
Name: Yukishiroi Tomoe 
Age : 18  
Height: 161cm





Tomoe is the first wife of Himura Kenshin. She appears in the Rurouni Kenshin: Memories (OAV) and in the manga Volume #19. She is melancholic, reserved and an introvert. She reveals herself to a few people whom she really trust. She prefers to sit quietly alone rather than socialize with other women. She is firm and headstrong. She obeys other people without question yet she has a mind of her own. She refuses to go against her wishes whenever there is a loved one involved..



Costume Information
Worn for:  Mac Dec Cosplay 2001 
Location: Suntec 
Total cost: $11(fabric)
Props: Diary($0.00)

Event Photo and Journal


Costume Information

It was my DAD who made the yukata , in only 5 DAYS and with totally no experience in yukata making before. Daddy i love you!!! *hugz*.

The shawl and obi part were easy .The diary (Gnome's hardcover story bk wrapped in turned over brown wrapping paper XD) was done the night before .Everything was done in a rush, and it wasn't until the actual day itself did I then actually worn the entire outfit. Himiko-chan helped ( thanks! HUGS ) alot here by tying my obi and helping me to tie the white ribbon behind my hair ^_^. In order to secure the white ribbon, i even sewed it onto a black elastic band XD.