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Kinomoto Sakura

Character Profile
Name: Kinomoto Sakura
Age : 10
Height: duno-_-;;





The leading female protagonist in the popular anime/manga Cardcaptor Sakura..Sakura is a warmed hearted and bubbly 10 years old .She llives a normal but extraordinarily blissful life (O_o) ,her magical abilities is released one day ,when she stumbles upon a strange book while cleaning her house's basement .She was then given a magic wand and the job of a cardcaptor by the guardian of the clow cards -cerberus after she unwittedly released the clow cards.



Costume Information
Worn for: Orchard ginza twinning(1st time)
Location: Hereen shopping centre
Total cost: $34.8(fabric)
Props :$5.40(wand)
           $0.00(clow cards)

Event Photo and Journal


Costume Information

Once again, its daddy and mummy who made them ^_^;;. (ARIGATO NE!!! hugz*).A big thank you to Himiko who made my wand for me and shop with me for the cloth (she was cosplaying tomoyo XD). ;.

I was still rushing my many last minute work on my costume till 6 am the day before ...and woke up at 8:30. So that means I only had about 2hours plus of sleep @@;;. But thank goodness for my erm...naturally born sudden energy blast and all the fun , my wearines didn't show ^_^;;.