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Character Profile
Name: Kamiya Kaoru
Age : 17(18 later)
Height: (?)





.A mischievous and happy-go-lucky young girl. Her values are based completely around her consuming love for Johnny. (If Johnny was on one side of a scale and everyone else in the world were on the other, Johnny would still weigh more in her eyes.) This pure and childlike exterior belies untold strength; she can hoist up a ship's anchor by herself. Simple-minded and selfish, nothing can stop her once she gets an idea into her head.



Costume Information
Worn for: Cosfest 2003
Location: Parse Ris
Costume cost:
$30(cloth)+$7.7(Buckles), $16.5(Bias),$3.03(stuffings) $2.75(Thick Interfacing), $14(top),$12(thights),$3.12 (black stockings)
Props: $60 to 70++

Event Photo and Journal


Costume Information

I made the orange outer costume myself ^_^v . The whole construction of it is pretty simple . Only the skirt gave me more trouble due to its weird construction-_-; . It opens in the middle yet, it has that very distinctive skirty flair. Giving too big a circle for the skirt might cause the opening in the middle to be 'curtained' by the extra cloth. On the other hand, too little cloth might make the originally 'flairish' skirt look like a mini skirt ;being too straight and all XD.

So in order to acheive that flair look and still have a nice opening in the middle ...I made a few paper skirt^^;; Yeah! My best way to challenge new costume XD. After a few attempts, and some advice from mom...TATA!!! XD. The back piece of the costume is attached to the waist portion of the skirt after that. Then I sewed the bias first attempt in sewing bias @@; Learnt a new thing =).The buckles were handsewed for better precision.

The hat and shoes were also made by me XD. Well, learnt some more new things ^^V.

The anchor on the other hand is made by a really helpful friend. Justin ^^;;.......without the anchor, the costume wouldn't be half as successful =).