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Character Profile
Name: Elffie
Age : 17 elf years
Height: 158(?)





Original characetr. A random student elf. ^_^. Likes to climb trees and mix with the other forest creatures .Has a hyper personality, is bubbly and mistake prone , laze whenever it comes to books .But fortunatelyfor her,she has a ravishing fairy to be her tutor in studies.Hates many things and likes many more. Enjoys the leaves,the trees and the wind.On a perilous journey in seeking morals and meaning in life.In the midst of her studies and cultivations into an adult elf. Her dream is to learn the ultimate spell that can turn rainstorm into sunshine ,to be the bond between humans and mother nature and last but not leaet ,to walk across rainbow bridges XD (yeah..bullshit XD)



Costume Information
Worn for: The 1st Original Costume
                Photoshoot outing
Date: 10th June 2002
Location:Sg Botanical Garden
Total cost: $6.6(1st)+$11.4(2nd)
Props :book($0.0)

Event Photo and Journal



Costume Information

It was all in all a simple costume and I did everything myself this time round (thankfully XD). I just dyed 2 t-shirts ,1 pair of socks, 2 pair of stocklings and 1 pair of gloves(tat didn't dyed well) . But I undid the hemmings at the ends of the outer T-shirt because it was too short.And I had to wear 2 layers of t-shirt because the outer one (bought esp for this) was way too thin. Also, 1 layer of stockings wasn't enough to give it a deep colour...that why I was wearing 2 stockings. One blue coloured , another green XD.

Many parts was recycled.And yup, i'm not the least ashame to proclaim that fact ^___^ .That's the spirit to cosplaying! . You try your best to juggle both the visual scale and the budget scale XD.

The inner t-shirt was an old t-shirt i had that faded in colour.The book prop was tomoe's diary, the scarf was found amidst mum's scrap cloth and the hair ribbon was a gift.(Used to tie my xmas present in 1999). Oh yeah , the belt belongs to daddy ^^;; MUAHAHAAHAHAHAHHA